Eleanor Rock

Eleanor Cly Rock grew up in a family of rug weavers. When she married into the Rock family, she learned to weave baskets from her mother-in-law, Grace Rock, and her sisters-in-law, Peggy Rock Black and Evelyn Rock Cly. Eleanor was one of the early weavers to begin experimenting with modifications to the ts’aa’ (ceremonial basket). She wove animals, like deer, coyotes, turtles, and turkeys, as well as images from ancient Southwest culture into her designs. In the early 1990s, she wove several distinctive baskets inspired by Diné (Navajo) rugs featuring Yé’ii (Diné gods). The baskets have a very elongated oval form, mimicking the shape of a rug. She also created a unique elongated oval basket featuring a train, another rug motif. Eleanor was among the first basket makers to weave the “Placing the Stars” design, now considered a “classic” basket pattern.