Artist: Lorraine Black

Materials: Sumac (Rhus trilobata)


Big Monster Basket (1995)

Several monsters rampage in Diné (Navajo) stories, but Yéʼiitsoh (Big Monster) was the monster of all monsters, the most legendary and the most feared. The stories tell of a time when Naayéé’ (Alien Monsters) led by Big Monster stalked the Diné and the world was not safe. Lorraine Black weaves a traditional ts’aa’ (ceremonial basket) motif in the center of her work and surrounds it with depictions of dark and fearful monsters. Surrounding the monsters are bright yellow arrowheads that counterbalance their destructive power with protection. Rotating around the outer circle of the basket is Tsoodził (Mount Taylor), one of the four sacred mountains where Big Monster was finally slain by the Hero Twins.