Artist: Alicia Nelson

Materials: Sumac (Rhus trilobata)


Night Ye'iis Basket (2005)

After looking around Twin Rocks Trading Post for ideas, Alicia Nelson and Steve Simpson found a book of sand paintings which provided inspiration for this basket. “I have been told this basket looks like beadwork," says Alicia. “I chose bright colors on a dark background so the fire color would stand out and included the four sacred plants corn squash tobacco and beans. There are two Yé’iis and two eagle Yé’iis." Alicia shows off her basket-making skill by weaving Night Yé’ii with intricate detail and vibrant colors. Set against a dramatic black background, she cloaks the sacred Yé’ii (Navajo gods) in vibrant purple. The tips of the sacred plants light up with gold and turquoise creating a powerful assemblage of healing imagery.