Photo: Kirstin Roper, © NHMU


Contemporary Diné (Navajo) weavers take inspiration from many different sources—old and new—for their basket designs. Some draw on images of pottery, rock art, and baskets from around the Southwest. Some portray the life and landscapes that surround them or look to Diné rug patterns and sand paintings. Some weavers are motivated to preserve images of sacred stories and ceremonies. Many basket makers weave images from their dreams. A wide range of modern imagery has also inspired basket designs, including a design on a coffee cup, contemporary quilts, the work of artists such as Helen Hardin and Serena Suplee, and even the Nike logo. Today, weavers browse the Internet seeking ideas that might be the spark for their next basket design. Astute observers inspired by diverse influences, the weavers adopt ideas from many sources and make them distinctly Diné.