Artist: Jamison Black

Materials: Sumac (Rhus trilobata)


Sacred Wind Basket (c. 2000)

Jamison Black wove this large, bold basket based on a design created by Twin Rocks Trading Post co-owner Barry Simpson and Diné (Navajo) graphic artist Damian Jim. Barry describes being inspired by a story about how the elemental forces of Niłch’i Diyin (Holy Wind) and cyclones sustain the Diné universe. The center of the basket contains the design of the ts’aa’ (ceremonial basket), often interpreted as a representation of the Diné universe. The four sacred mountains that contain and nourish this universe point inward from the outer rim. Spiraling red whirlwinds set against a stark black background studded with stars also surround and support the ceremonial design. A bright red rim finished with a herringbone edge completes this striking work. “It was really an interesting basket,” Barry recalls. “ . .  if you look at it, it’s still almost the basic elements of a ceremonial. They just turned them on end, and joined them together.”